Is a 6-speed truck gearbox more beneficial? If so, why?

A 6 Speed truck gearbox is a transmission with 6 forward gears. These are usually used on light to medium-duty trucks. They can be automatic or manual but in recent years there have been more automatic 6-speed gearbox systems. These transmissions come with their own sets of advantages. 



The six gears allow the trucks to run with more power all the time. This is because you will be able to keep your revolutionary counts at the best and safest levels when you have more gears. 


A six-gear shift is easier to work than an 8 or 12 gear shift. This is because it is closest to what you would do in a normal car. You don’t need to worry about gear splitting. You just need to keep shifting forward till you reach gear 6. 


The truck can run on low rpm (revolutions per minute) with a six-speed transmission. As many diesel trucks have a narrow power ban you can better control the rpm made on a six gear shift. This means keeping it bellow the maximum torque but just above maximum power. This ultimately means that it is easier for you to get the truck moving at the perfect cruising altitude. 


6-speed gearboxes are highly fuel efficient. Because you can control the power that the truck runs at you can maximise the fuel used in the truck. This means that you can travel further for less. 

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