Buying a new gearbox for your truck or getting a reconditioned one is a difficult decision to make because you want the part to last and work correctly. When buying new car parts you might find that they are more expensive to come by. When getting a reconditioned gearbox you are guaranteed to not spend as much money as you would if you were buying the part new. 

New truck gearboxes allow for you to have peace of mind as they have not been used however the cost associated with buying a new gearbox might not be worth your peace of mind. 

When it comes to investing in a gearbox it’s advisable to buy a reconditioned gearbox. These gearboxes aren’t as costly and allow you to be flexible with any kind of necessary repairs. When buying the gearbox it’s important to take the time to inspect all its components with the seller to have a good understanding of how to maintain and repair the gearbox. 

There is no difference in the quality of these products, well maintained and properly installed reconditioned gearboxes can run for more than 10 years. Proper care is given in the revival of these gearboxes and every part within it will work as well as it would in a new piece of equipment. All the parts of a reconditioned from the bolts to the washer are all inspected so that worn parts and parts that may potentially fail can be repaired or replaced if necessary. This means the same way a new truck gearbox would provide you with a sense of peace, a reconditioned one allows you to reduce costs and still enjoy peace of mind.