Why it is important to maintain your Truck Gearbox?

In this blog, we would like to explain what exactly the role of a truck gearbox is, and why it is crucial to stay on top of its maintenance.


The Benefits of a Reconditioned Gearbox


Buying new car parts can be very expensive; more so if you had not budgeted for the expense. Many people do not realize how quickly the costs can add up or how they may be left without all pieces they need to get their car running. When in the market for a Reconditioned Gearbox, it is better to buy a reconditioned one. The fact of the matter is you are not going to have to spend a lot of money when you go the reconditioned route and this allows your repairs man to make changes to other parts you weren’t aware needed maintenance.




A car requires high torque (a force that causes rotation) when going over hills and when starting, even though they are performed at low speeds. On the other hand, when moving at high speeds at level roads, high torque isn’t required because of the natural momentum that is already present. Gearboxes were developed to change the vehicle’s torque and its speed according to road or surface condition (including load condition).

What is the function of Gearboxes?

A gearbox or transmission box converts the rotational energy of the engine to a rotational speed appropriate for the wheels of a vehicle. Mechanical gearboxes uses some simple gears to achieve this and automatic gearboxes use more complicated planetary gear sets.


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